Expert Lawn & Plant Care Services
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Expert Lawn & Plant Care Services

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Our Core Services

Envision a lush, thriving landscape that captures the essence of your home, the one that’s the envy of the neighborhood. That vision becomes a reality with Precision Landscape Management. We are dedicated to nurturing and protecting your outdoor environment with our comprehensive, premier services: Lawn Fertilization, Plant Health Care, Weed Control, Aeration, and Irrigation Solutions. Serving Greenville, Greer, Lake Keowee, The Cliffs, Lake Keowee, and the majority of the Upstate, SC region, we infuse our deep local expertise into every lawn we manage.

Each lawn and landscape we care for is unique, and we strive to bring out its inherent beauty. Our services are not a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, we meticulously tailor our offerings to meet your landscape’s specific needs, creating an environment where greenery thrives and flourishes. We take pride in the landscapes we manage, and we see our work as a collaborative effort between us and nature to create a space you can enjoy year-round.

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Premium Lawn Fertilization for Upstate South Carolina

Our Lawn Fertilization service is the backbone of a thriving, vibrant lawn. By providing essential nutrients to your lawn, we ensure your grass stays green, dense, and resilient, no matter the season. We offer two tailored fertilization programs – the Essential and Premium programs. Each is designed to meet the unique needs of your lawn, considering factors such as local soil conditions, grass species, and weather patterns prevalent in the Greenville, Greer, and Lake Keowee areas.

Essential Program

The Essential Program is our standard lawn care package, perfect for lawns that require routine care to stay healthy and attractive. It includes 7 rounds of both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications, keeping your lawn lush and free from most common weeds. This program is best suited for homeowners who desire a consistent, green, and well-manicured lawn throughout the year without needing to address complex lawn issues.

Premium Program

The Premium Program takes lawn care to the next level. Designed for lawns that face more complex challenges such as common diseases, this program includes everything from the Essential Program with added services like disease control and fungicide application. We also conduct more frequent visits to ensure your lawn receives the attention it deserves. If your lawn often deals with disease or damage from weather changes common to our South Carolina climate, this program is designed for you.

Additional Services

Apart from our core fertilization programs, we offer additional services to tackle specific issues your lawn might face. These include overseeding to boost your lawn’s density, ant and grub control to protect your lawn from pests, moss control for yards facing excessive shade or poor drainage, and top dressing for lawns needing a soil boost. Remember, these are specialty services, and we offer them to ensure your lawn care solution is as comprehensive and tailored to your needs as possible.

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Plant Health Care Solutions in in Greenville, SC and Surrounding Areas

Our Plant Health Care service breathes life into your green spaces, ensuring your plants not only survive but thrive in the conditions unique to Greenville, Greer, and Lake Keowee. At Precision Landscape Management, we understand that just like us, plants need specialized care to maintain their health and vitality. From providing comprehensive care to new plants and administering tree growth regulators to protect your mature trees, to executing effective pest control methods, we have your plant health needs covered. We’re also prepared to combat the hot South Carolina summers with our summer drought treatments. Our team, composed of certified arborists and plant health care technicians, are licensed and insured to apply treatments in both South Carolina and North Carolina, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to your landscape.

New Plant Care

When you add new plants to your landscape, they need more than just water and sunlight to thrive. Just as a newborn baby needs special care, so do your new plants. We offer customized new plant care services designed to ensure your new additions receive the nutrients, hydration, and care they need to integrate smoothly into your landscape and reach their full potential. We don’t simply plant and go; we make sure to set your greenery up for success from the beginning.

Pest Control

Our pest control services are designed to protect your plants from common pests in the Greenville area that can harm your greenery. From June Bugs on Roses, White flies on Gardenias to Lace bugs on Azaleas and Scale on dense leaf tissues, we’ve seen it all. We combine various approaches, including proactive and reactive treatments, to keep these problematic pests away from your landscape and eliminate any colonies that may have formed already, ensuring your greenery remains healthy and pest-free.

Tree Growth Regulators

In urban environments or in situations where a tree might be outgrowing its space, managing the growth of trees is crucial to maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape. That’s where Tree Growth Regulators come in. These regulators work by slowing down the tree’s growth hormones, allowing it to focus more on root development and stress resistance. This not only helps control the size of the tree, making it more manageable in confined spaces, but can also improve the tree’s health and longevity by making it more resilient to disease and adverse weather conditions.

Legacy Tree Program

Our Legacy Tree Program is designed to provide specialized care for your largest and oldest trees. The program includes deep root injections, a method that delivers nutrients directly to the tree’s roots, promoting healthy growth and improving the tree’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. We also use slow-release fertilizers, which gradually supply nutrients to the tree over an extended period, ensuring a constant supply of essential nutrients for optimal growth. This program can help maintain the health and vitality of your oaks, poplars, maples, elms, magnolias, and cedars. Our team will work diligently to ensure these treasured components of your landscape continue to thrive, contributing to the overall beauty and balance of your outdoor environment.

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Expert Weed Control for Upstate South Carolina

Unwanted weeds can quickly overrun your lawn, stifling the growth of your desired grass and spoiling the beauty of your landscape. Precision Landscape Management is your trusted partner for effective and eco-conscious weed control in Greenville, Greer, Lake Keowee, and the surrounding areas. Our certified technicians possess the knowledge and skills needed to manage a variety of stubborn weeds that thrive in South Carolina’s climate. We provide both pre-emergent and post-emergent solutions, always with a commitment to safeguarding the environment and promoting the health of your lawn.

Our Environmentally-Mindful Approach

At Precision Landscape Management, our approach to weed control is both thorough and environmentally respectful. We understand that in our diverse South Carolina ecosystem, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to weed control. Our expert team will visit your property, identify the particular weed species present in your lawn, and customize a treatment plan designed to effectively manage those weeds without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. Our pre-emergent and post-emergent strategies are applied meticulously, targeting the weeds while minimizing the impact on beneficial organisms and non-target plants.

Common Weeds We Manage

Our team of skilled professionals can tackle a variety of common and stubborn weeds found in our region, including Virginia Buttonweed, Poa Annua, Nutsedge, Spurge, Oxalis, Clover, Crabgrass, Chickweed, Dandelion, and Goose grass. Each of these species requires a unique strategy for effective control. Whether it’s a broadleaf weed spreading across your lawn or a grassy weed invading your grassy areas, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to manage it effectively and ensure the health and beauty of your landscape.

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Core Aeration Services for Upstate South Carolina

At Precision Landscape Management, we understand that a healthy lawn is not just about what’s on the surface. That’s why we offer core aeration services for all turf types across Greenville, Greer, Lake Keowee, The Cliffs, Lake Keowee, and the majority of the Upstate, SC region.

Core aeration is a process that involves removing small plugs of soil from your lawn to alleviate soil compaction. This allows water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, leading to a stronger, more vibrant lawn.

Our team of lawn care experts are trained to perform this service efficiently and effectively, ensuring your residential lawn gets the care it needs without any hassle. Whether you have a small backyard or a large estate, our core aeration services can help improve the health and appearance of your turf.

Experience the difference that core aeration can make for your lawn. Contact us today to schedule a service.

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Complete Irrigation Services in Greenville, SC and Surrounding Areas

Precision Landscape Management is not just about lawn and plant care. We also offer a full suite of irrigation services to ensure your landscape receives the right amount of water it needs to thrive.

Our irrigation services include the servicing, maintenance, and repair of irrigation systems. We understand that a well-functioning irrigation system is crucial for maintaining a lush and healthy landscape, especially in the hot South Carolina summers.

Our team of irrigation specialists are equipped to handle everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond and resolve issues in a timely manner, minimizing any disruption to your landscape.

Whether you’re in Greenville, Greer, Lake Keowee, The Cliffs, Lake Keowee, or elsewhere in the Upstate, SC region, trust Precision Landscape Management for all your irrigation needs. Contact us today to learn more about our irrigation services.

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